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I’ve always held a passion for food. Even at a young age I knew that I wanted to be a chef. In my life, I’ve strived to be a healthy balanced individual, carrying with me a foundation of meditation and spiritual practice. I feel that what we eat is one gateway to achieving this complete nourishment; therefore, it brings me great joy to create flavorful, fresh and wholesome meals. I work closely with farmers who also share my respect and reverence for the oneness of all beings.


As a chef with fifteen years experience and working many angles of the food industry, I am dedicated to creating and teaching others how to prepare food that is conscious and healing.


I graduated from Culinary School in San Francisco in 2011 with a Culinary Arts Degree. From there, I worked for restaurants, catering companies, wineries, and retirement communities. I most recently served as an Executive Chef with San Diego State University for the past five years.

Chef Jordan Wagner

My other passion is teaching. I offer cooking classes in over twelve different cuisine types. As far as my cooking style goes, I have always enjoyed preparing plant-based and organic dishes with healthy, clean and vibrant ingredients. You can expect to experience dishes full of flavor, utilizing fresh herbs and spices, with a quality presentation to match the taste. Meals I prepare incorporate holistic health with a balance of nutrients, healthy fats, proteins and superfoods.

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