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Where We Source Our Food

SunFed Ranch

We have our hands and hearts in every stage of raising our beef. From the first blade of grass to your dinner plate, you can feel good about the origin and quality of what we’re serving up. Our cattle are 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished, always treated with the highest level of care and dignity. Some say we like to spoil our cattle with all the sunshine and grazing they crave…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our cattle are born and raised exclusively on American Family Ranches, creating jobs and opportunities in our local communities. And because we utilize progressive rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture, SunFed Ranch is beef that you — and the planet — can feel good about.

Specialty Produce

Specialty Produce is a family owned and operated food service and retail fresh produce and grocery supplier located in San Diego, CA. A premium provider for more than thirty years, Specialty Produce continues to be a leader in service, product quality and technology.

From Chef Jordan - I have used Specialty produce as my main produce source for all aspects of my business and personal eating for almost a decade now. They have one of the largest freshest selection of organic, local produce. They also partner with local San Diego companies such as Catalina Offshore to provide fresh, local fish.

Perennial Pastures

I am thrilled to be sourcing 100% Grass fed Grass finished meat from this wonderful family owned, community oriented company. They are 100% organic farm focused on regenerative agriculture, and raising healthy, happy and nourished animals.


They have a Mission to provide the community with the healthiest and tastiest grass-fed protein through conscious land management, positive animal welfare, and regenerative agricultural practices.


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Healthy Traditions

Healthy Traditions maintains a strong commitment to family farming and organic standards. They stand firmly against genetically modified foods (No GMOs). But the organic label is not enough. They research and find out where the products are produced, and how they are produced. They find that some organic standards are too loose for our trust, so they look beyond what is claimed on a label. Healthy Traditions finds out as much as possible about those who provide the products. And if a certain quality of a product does not exist, they will work with others to produce that product and offer it to their consumers. Healthy Traditions did that with Virgin Coconut Oil in the Philippines, and they have done the same thing since coming back to live here in the US.

From Chef Jordan - I am grateful to be partnered with Healthy Traditions. They have some of the highest quality organic Italian Flour, honey, dark maple syrup, coconut oil and Italian beans on the market. They also specialize in pastured eggs, chicken, and grass fed meats. What impresses me most is their commitment to beyond organic food and their uncompromising principles.

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